Host a Party

Want to share all the great Damsel in Defense products with your sassy girlfriends and get free loot for yourself? Contact me to book a Personal Protection Party! You do not need to live close to me to host a party. A virtual party works just as well. If you choose to host a virtual party I will send you a packet of brochures to hand out and we will select a time frame for you to get orders in by. There are incentives to being a hostess (or host)!

$250-$499 in sales gets you your choice of two of the following items - "Pouch O Pepper", "Hardcore", "Holla At Me", "Sock It To Me"
$500-$799 in sales gets you one free "Pack A Punch" Stun Gun
$800+ in sales get you one free "Pack A Punch" Stun Gun, One Free "Pouch O Pepper" or "Hardcore" Pepper Spray, One "Sock It To Me", and One "Road Trip"

Rewards are NOT accumulative. You party will qualify for whatever level the total party sales fall into.