Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Where's Yo Baby?" Child Monitor ~ $30

Let’s be honest, every Mom needs a break and sometimes you have to intentionally lose your kids to get one.  “Where’s Yo Baby?” is meant for those “other” times when they wander off on their own and you are left in a panic wondering how you are going to explain this one to your husband ;0)  Keep those precious little gremlins close and prevent them from wandering with their tracker and your keychain alarm.

We have all had the gut-wrenching feeling of turning around in a busy street and finding that our child is nowhere in sight.  This could be prevented with the "Where's Yo Baby" child monitor.

Worn by the child, the cartoon animal-shaped transmitter sends a constant signal to the receiver, which is held by the adult.  The signal is adjustable - from a distance of 6 to 21 feet.  When the child goes beyond the set distance, the adult's receiver starts to beep, letting them know that the child is starting to wander off.

The channels adjust themselves automatically to alert the proper receiver if more than one adult is in the same area using the child monitor.  It uses a 434mhz frequency.

The new microchips produced by SMT® technology, also referred to as the IC unit, is wafer thin and performs with superb accuracy and is incredibly reliable.  The IC unit is nicely hidden in a small plastic animal (looks like a toy) and can be easily concealed under a shirt or jacket if desired.


Simple and easy to use compact wireless design.
Child friendly design - Strategically hidden in a plastic toy looking transmitter.
Has a rotating dial that you can adjust anywhere between 6 and 30 feet.
Transmitter can be attached to clothes or worn as a necklace.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Lithium batteries included.
Easy to understand instructions.

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